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USPS Announces Price Increase AND Slower Service

We regret to inform you that the USPS has decided to increase the price of shipping just during the holiday season (after already increasing their prices this January) about.usps.com/newsroom/national-releases/2021/0810-usps-announces-propo...
This means that packages that cost us $4.85 to ship all year now cost almost $6. On top of that the USPS also announced that they will SLOW down mail service by unto 40%

We here at Land of Pillows have decided that our customers have been through enough recently and we will not raise prices to our customers during this year's holiday season. All we ask is that our customers remain patient when expecting our packages between October and February. While our normal processing times will still apply, we do still offer a variety of service to speed up your package's transit time during checkout. You can visit our normal shipping policies here