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How to measure a pillow

We measure our pillows prior to stuffing from seam to seam. This means the pillow appears to lose approximately 1", but the physical measurement from seam to seam using a seamstress (or other highly flexible) tape measure still remains the same when measured across the girth. 

The most accurate way to measure a cover you currently have is to
  • remove the cover (if removable)
  • turn the cover inside out
  • measure from seam to seam (as shown below)

16x16 pillow prior to stuffing

18x18 pillow prior to stuffing

20x20 pillow prior to stuffing

16x16 after stuffing

18x18 after stuffing

20x20 after stuffing

To measure a stuffed pillow (without removable cover)
Use a seamstress tape laid loosely across the girth of the pillow and measure from seam to seam.
If a seamstress tape  is unavailable, you can use a piece of string/twine. Lay it across the top of the pillow and let it hang over the sides. Mark where it crosses the seams of the pillow. This is your seam to seam measurement.
Our pillow sizes are give as H x W (height x width). For example a 12x18" pillow would be 12" tall and 18" wide (rectangle) as opposed to the 18x18" pillow shown in the photo above
Fit Recommendations:
For Land of Pillow poly inserts we recommend the insert size to be 1" larger than the cover.
For our down inserts 18" and larger we recommend having the insert sized 2" than the cover. 
We recommend keeping lumbar pillow inserts the same size as the covers.
Our indoor photos use our 22" 10/90 down inserts with a 20" cover, while our outdoor pillow photos use a 19" cover and a 20" poly insert
Unfortunately due to variations in the manufacturing process and the quality of materials used, we cannot guarantee fit on any other brand of inserts outside of our house brand. Fit recommendations for other brands of inserts are a "best guess" from feedback of our customers. 
How to properly stuff your pillow covers