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Influencer / Brand Rep / Affiliate Terms

Any items supplied through the Influencer Program must contain links back to the specific product pages OR linked through an affiliate program (ShareASale / LikeToKnowIt / RewardStyle), as well as tagging Land of Pillows and/or landofpillows.com appropriately on the social media sites and blogs.

This agreement is between the Influencer / Brand Rep / Affiliate (to be referenced through this agreement simply as "Influencer") and Land of Pillows
The advertiser and the influencer acknowledge the terms of this Contract and will comply.
This agreement  will be valid for one year from acceptance of both parties. A new contract will be created for renewal of term. Land of Pillows reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time for any reason. 

IV. Items
A. Items requested by Influencer are subject to availability.
B. Land of Pillows reserves the right to deny / substitute items .
C. Special Order items are not eligible for this program.
D. The influencer will be liable for paying any appropriate taxes/duties/fees associated with importing or receiving the items from Land of Pillows (USA)..
E. The influencer may make requests as often as once per month. Additional request may be requested for special events/circumstances. 

A. The influencer should create original content which is decent, honest, and factual.
B. An approval from the advertiser is not required before uploading the content.
C. The approved created content will be shared by the influencer to his/her social media accounts listed above.
D. The advertiser can request to the influencer to add tags, links, or titles in the description of the uploaded media.
E. The content should be compliant with the terms and conditions of the social media platform being used.
F. The content should not contain any vulgar language and should be suited for everyone.
G. Land of Pillows reserves the right to have any brand related posts/content deemed not suitable for our brand removed by influencer. 
H. The content should be uploaded in a timely manner unless a timetable is discussed prior to requesting items. 
I. Influencers are required to do at least (1) review on Google Reviews

The Influencer will own the copyright of the uploaded media. However, both parties are allowed to share it to their own respective venues as long as content is credited to author. Once media has been shared/posted Land of Pillows requires written notification for a request to remove media. 

This any personal information is strictly confidential.

This agreement can only be changed or modified at any time by Land of Pillows with or without written notice.

This contract shall be governed under the laws of Florida, USA.

I consent and authorize Land of Pillows or any entity authorized by Land of  Pillows to use and publish any of the images in any format on their website, social media, or other marketing tools. I understand these images may be used for a variety of purposes and may appear such as promotional materials or any other media now known or to be invented. I also understand that Land of Pillows or any entity authorized by Land of Pillows will use the images exclusively for Land of Pillows related purposes and not for any commercial gain. Since anyone can download an image from the Internet or make copies from printed materials, I agree that Land of Pillows is not responsible for unauthorized use of the images once posted. I am aware that I am not entitled to any compensation for use of the photos. By submitting this form I acknowledge I have read and understand this release.


Form updated 

July 02, 2020

March 13, 2020

Jan 18, 2020